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  1. J R Kalden, President of EULAR

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    Honorary Membership of EULAR

    During the General Assembly of the 5th Annual EULAR Conference in Lisbon Honorary Membership of EULAR was awarded to:

    • Ms Nora Price, head of the Standing Committee for Allied Health Professionals

    • Professor Piet van Riel, chairman of the Standing Committee for International Clinical Studies

    • Professor Sjef van der Linden, chairman of the Standing Committee for Epidemiology and Health

    • Dr Boel Andersson-Gäre, chairman of the Paediatric Rheumatology Standing Committee

    • Professor Ferdinand C Breedveld, treasurer of EULAR.

    Professor Ferdinand Breedveld who has been serving EULAR as treasurer for the past four years takes considerable credit for the financially sound basis of EULAR. Ms Nora Price, Professor Piet van Riel, Professor Sjef van der Linden, and Dr Boel Andersson-Gäre not only continued but also successfully helped the work of their respective standing committees to progress. Although they are leaving their post as Chairs it is hoped that their great experience will be available for EULAR in the future. Thanks to all the leaving members for their excellent contributions to EULAR.

    EULAR Meritorious Service Awards in Rheumatology

    Colin Barnes, United Kingdom, former EULAR president, and Jan Dequeker, Belgium, former EULAR treasurer and former ILAR president, received the EULAR Meritorious Service Award in Rheumatology. Both colleagues have actively and significantly participated in the development of EULAR. In addition to a number of achievements, Colin Barnes was particularly involved in the foundation of a EULAR Journal. Jan Dequeker deserves credit for developing ILAR into a modern umbrella institution for the regional leagues against rheumatism and his concern with the relation between EULAR and ILAR. Congratulations to both of them!

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