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EULAR Standing Committee of Investigative Rheumatology: report of activities 2002–3
  1. H Häntzschel,
  2. C Baerwald,
  3. U Wagner
  1. Study Group on Genetics in RA

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    Evaluation of genetic influences on the susceptibility to, and clinical course of, rheumatoid arthritis has been substantially hampered by the large number of patients needed for statistical evaluation owing to the high variability of the polymorphic areas in the genome and the many resulting markers. In large multicentre studies, twins and families are collected for genome wide screens that require DNA samples from thousands of patients and their progeny pedigree ancestors. Patient recruitment in such multicentre genetic studies is often limited to a singular time point at study inclusion, while the clinical course of the disease can either not be documented or has to be reconstructed retrospectively by chart review. For the longitudinal analysis of treatment effects and of the progression of erosive disease, prospective patient recruitment would be necessary, which requires large logistic efforts and long observation periods before conclusive …

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