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Olecranon bursitis due to Candida parapsilosis in an immunocompetent adult
  1. M Jiménez-Palop1,
  2. M Corteguera1,
  3. R Ibáñez2,
  4. R Serrano-Heranz3
  1. 1Unit of Rheumatology, Hospital Nuestra Señora de Sonsoles, Avila, Spain
  2. 2Unit of Microbiology, Hospital Nuestra Señora de Sonsoles
  3. 3Unit of Infectious Diseases, Hospital Nuestra Señora de Sonsoles
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr R Serrano-Heranz, Encarnación 14, Chalet 18, 05005 Avila, Spain;

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Septic bursitis (SB) mainly affects the olecranon and patellar bursae. Subcutaneous localisation predisposes to trauma and may subsequently lead to infection. Most cases of SB are related to the subject's occupation (roofing, gardening, plumbing), but surgical interventions (aspiration, intrabursal injection) are among other probable causes.1 Bacteria account for most cases, Staphylococcus aureus being the most commonly found (80%).1,2 Fungal isolation is quite rare and always associated with immunosuppresion or debilitating conditions,3 but some species of Candida, Cryptococcus, Penicillium, and Sporothrix schenckii have been described.1 These atypical organisms usually develop in a late indolent pattern, and a delay in diagnosis and treatment may lead to considerable difficulties in eradication of infection. We report a case of SB caused by Candida parapsilosis in a previously healthy man, with no underlying disease or any risk factors, including HIV infection, who probably acquired joint infection at the hospital secondary to local steroid injection.


A 32 year old man with a one month history of mild inflammation of the right elbow presented to our hospital on 19 May 2000. He had an unremarkable past medical history, which did not include any toxic habits or recent trauma. Bursal aspiration showed that the synovial fluid had inflammatory characteristics (leucocyte count 4.9×109 cells/l (54% neutrophils), and a glucose level …

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