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Stress fracture of base of the acromion
  1. N Roy,
  2. M G Smith,
  3. L G H Jacobs
  1. The Royal Oldham Hospital, Rochdale Road, Oldham OL1 2JH, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
    Mr M G Smith, Grove Cottage, 18 Grove Lane, Didsbury, M20 6UE, UK;

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Fractures of the scapula occur infrequently, with a fracture of the acromion being an even rarer entity. Acromial fractures constitute 9% of fractures of the scapula, which amounts to 3–5% of shoulder girdle injuries.1 Fractures of the acromion are generally secondary to trauma, with only a few cases of stress fracture having been reported.2–5

Reports published in English have described stress fractures of the acromion at the base of the acromion extending to the spine of the scapula,2 neck of the acromion,3 medial aspect of the acromion,4 and the base of the acromion only.5 These cases occurred in young to middle aged patients and were associated with a single violent muscle contraction or repetitive subcritical load to the shoulder. We present a case of an atraumatic osteoporotic stress fracture at the base of the acromion associated with chronic rotator cuff tear arthropathy.


The patient, an 82 …

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