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AB0057 Postoperative arthrocentesis and lavage of the knee joint in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  1. AN Atanasov,
  2. PC Solakov,
  3. SI Kuzmanova,
  4. K Klinkanov,
  5. SA Andreev
  1. Rheumatology, Medical Faculty Hospital, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Background The postoperative arthrocentesis (PA) and lavage (L) usually have an obligatory character after preformed arthroscopic synovectomy (AS) and debridment in RA or OA knee joints synovitis.

Objectives The aim of the study is to establish the effect of the postoperative arthrocentesis and lavage within 7 days after an arthroscopic synovectomy and debridment of the knee joint in RA and OA patients. The arthroscopic synovectomy was performed in the Clinic of Rheumatology in Plovdiv.

Methods The study includes 127 patients (73 RA and 54 OA knees). After the synovectomy a tidal lavage was done with 4‑5L saline (Arthrotek-BiometInc. USA). During the early postoperative period within 7 days in case of a significant hydrops, tenderness and pain of the knee joint, an arthrocenteis was performed followed by an evacuation of the synovial fluid and lavage with 60‑100 mL saline.

Results Postoperative arthrocentesis and lavage was performed in all patients investigated as presented on Table 1. In 16 patients a single arthrocentesis, in 67 patients double and in 44 patients triple arthrocenteses in the early postoperative period were needed. Improvement of the range of motion was detected in all patients but a marked improvement was establish in the single procedure patients compared to those with triple (p < 0.001).

Abstract AB0057 Table 1

Conclusion In the patients who underwent an arthroscopic synovectomy of the knee joint was necessary to be performed most frequently two or three times postoperative arthrocenteses and lavage. An early improvement of the range of motion, as well as a postoperative recovery are achieved, especially in the single procedure RA and OA patients.


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