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SP0159 Personal importance of a good relationship to a therapist from a patients point of view
  1. H Voser
  1. Swiss League Against Rheumatism, Zurich, Switzerland


For a patient, it is very important, how the relationship to a therapist looks and feels like. First of all, patient and professional have a business-relationship: the professional offers a kind of ‘service’ and gets money for it, and they have a agreement what is included and so on. So the customer (patient) is the one who can ‘buy or refuse’; the professional has to respect the wishes. They have to work out conditions, that are ok for all parties. They have to define expectations and roles; possibilities and limits of it.

Of course the relationship also has more components:

Arthritis makes you feel small, dependent and insure. So one effect of the relationship should be, that the patient feels more self-confident, to get supported in its own personality.

Therapists aren’t really experts for the illness; for the ‘technical part’, yes; but not for the other components. Every patient is the expert of his own illness; nobody can feel, how it feels like, and whether it feels better or worse; nobody else can finally say, which therapy, remedy or diet really helps you the best. Therapists can help us to have an overview of the possibilities we have and they can tell us what experience (positive and negative-ones) have been made with them; but proof and decide we have ourselves. The most important thing is, that a therapist should show me a way to an easier way of life, that is realistic and not to complicated.

That also means, that therapists should inform us in a objective way, to really help us decide, which way we choose.

And: if we decide in an other way, the professional suggested: he should accept it fully and not judge or treat the patient worse than before.

The example of my personal relationship to ‘my’ therapists will be given at the meeting.

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