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SP0126 Multidisciplinary care in the local communities, at home and in self-help groups
  1. W Bobiatynska1,
  2. J Szechinski2
  1. 1National Centre for Health Information Systems, Warsaw
  2. 2Wroclaw Medical University, Poland


The authors discuss existing models of care for rheumatic patients and the concept of “good practices”. The strategy of “good practices” is based on the assumption, that realisation of any design or project, also those concerning health care, depends not only on economic conditions and shortages, but also on what people think about it, on their aspirations, knowledge and imagination. The authors come to the conclusion that the strategy of “good practices” would be important particularly for multidisciplinary care provided in the local communities, for rehabilitation at home and in self-help groups. Many countries, especially those in central and Eastern Europe, are facing the problems with health care reforms. They are trying to learn from others and look for recommendations, in the hope, that this will help them to avoid some mistakes and overcome barriers of development. The authors examine the question of recommendations concerning “good practice” in multidisciplinary community care and the involvement of self-help groups in rehabilitation of rheumatic patients. It is suggested that in this area only some general guidelines can be stated. The models of good  practice can be conditional, not universal. So, the reasonable way of learning from others is to discuss the problems and not simply to imitate the existing patterns.

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