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SAT0205 Osteoporosis: a new method of screening
  1. N Navarro,
  2. M Castellanos,
  3. MP Lisbona,
  4. C Galisteo,
  5. MC Garcia,
  6. MC Sanmartí,
  7. C Alegre
  1. Rheumatology, Hospital Malalties Reumatiques, Barcelona, Spain


Objectives Usefulness of calcaneus densitometry as a method of screening in osteoporosis.

Methods Study of 69 women with osteoporosis, with DMO (L2-L4, Ward) and a comparison of the results obtained with a calcaneus densitometry (photonic dual measure, Lunar PIXI model). We considered osteoporosis when we find -2.5 SD in DMO and -1.6 SD in the calcaneus densitometry.

Results After comparing the DMO lumbar results and DMO Ward, individually, with results of calcaneus densitometry, we observed a coefficient correlation of 0.5 and 0.6 respectively.

Conclusion In our study the measures of the calcaneus densitometry have a relation to DMO, then we could consider it as a method of screening with patients we suspect of a osteoporosis.

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