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AB0180 Follow up study to determinate the achievement of the peak bone mass at 18–25 years old young people
  1. G László
  1. Rheumatology, Central Hospital of Hungarian Army, Budapest, Hungary


Background The aim of our study was to follow up and determinate the achievement of the bone mass in young age. We wanted to study, what can influence the growth of the bone mass.

Objectives We began our study 3 years ago. We made examinations among 18 years old young men and women, who begun the first class in two military academies just then. The physical education is an important part of the programme of the military academies, that?s why these groups are ideal to establish the statement, that the sport results the increasing of the bone mass in this age. We organised a control group too, in a civil university, where sporting not obligatory. The participation was voluntary.

Methods Every participant filled a questionnaire about his/her earlier diseases, good and bad habits (e.g.: sport, smoking), and about his/her alimentary habits (e.g. milk and dairy products). We measured the bone density in their arms and ankle. We made anthropometrical and staying power examinations too. Finally we made laboratory tests to determinate the elements of the calcium household. The examinations were repeated two times.

Results We found, that according to the osteodensitometry the bone mass have grown in all of the groups. At the soldier men’s group the increase was more significant, than at the others. The degree of bone mass growth connected with the body mass index, exactly with the growing of the body weight. According to the anthropometrical examinations the growth of the body weight came rather from the growth of the muscle mass than bone mass. Though the bone density grew, its weight did not grow significantly.

Conclusion It seems that, neither the nutrition, nor the bad habits cannot influence the bone mass significantly in this young age. But the moving, sporting play important roles in the achievement of the peak bone mass.

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