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AB0170 The simvastatin effect on osteoporosis
  1. S Sokolovic,
  2. F Gavrankapetanovic,
  3. V Gerc,
  4. A Arslanagic,
  5. M Kulic
  1. Department of Rheumatology, University Medical Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Background The Osteoporosis has always been a great problem for the clinicians in every country, since this disorder brings higher morbidity, disability and mortality.

The Statins, lipid lowering drugs, have been recently shown to have positive impact on the osteoporosis, i.e. the bone mineral density, where the “T” score has increased in patients taking these drugs for hiperlipidemia.

Objectives The objective of this research is to investigate the potential efficiency of Simvastatin (Lipex) on BMD score i.e. T score in patients suffering from postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Methods An open randomised Prospective Control Study has been designed.

The patients with the postmenopausal osteoporosis have been selected in one group and they received lipex 10 mg plus 500 Calcium at bed time. The other group of potmenopausal women, served as the control one, was assigned to receive only 500 mg of Calcium at the evening meal. Total number of individuals in each group was thirty three. Laboratory test including the risk factor stratifications were detected on baseline and after 3. The statistical analysis was done between two groups.

Results The results obtained in this study showed the significant improvement in the group of patients receiving lipex and the score is much higher than those taking calcium only.

This BMD result, i.e. T score, has been found to be about 30% higher in simvastatin group.

The positive effect on lipid profile has been gained as well. The well-being improvement has also been notified.

Conclusion The statins, in our research simvastatin (lipex), has been proven in our study to have a very positive effect on the treatment of osteoporosis.

So, beside the primary effect of statins on lowering cholesterol levels, this is the other option and positivity of this drug.

These medications can be added to the list of therapy in osteoporosis.

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