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AB0166 The real value of rehabilitation in the muscular syndromes of the cervical spine
  1. EL Sidenco
  1. Rehabilitation, University Hospital Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania


Objectives We studied a group of 34 patients with algo-functional muscular-ligamentar cervical syndromes based on complex static disorders, diagnosticaly excluding cervical discal hernia. We propose a clinical -functional score for an unitary evaluation of these cases.

Methods We applied an initial kinetic programme for two weeks; we propose a complex of stretching-strengthening- co-ordination exercises for the cervical muscular contraction, supported by thermo-electro-massotherapy.

Results Efficiency of the initial kinetic programme was good, the following clinical parameters increased over 63,7%.

The second stage of rehabilitation was applied a month later; we used a kinetic programme analogous to the first stage, for two weeks again, insisting on the strengthening- co-ordination exercises for the cervical muscles. The kinetic programme of the second stage of rehabilitation was supported by thermo-massotherapy. The results were superior to the first stage, the improvement of the clinical parameters was over 83,4%.

The third therapeutic stage was applied 3–6 months later, after a new consultation. We used the same kinetic programme of strengthening- co-ordination exercises daily, for another two weeks, thermo-massotherapic supported.

The improvement after the third stage of the kinetic programme was superior, clinical parameters increased over 90% confronted with initial values.

Conclusion We prove the necessity of an unitary score of valuation and the efficiency of a staggered kinetic programme in the complex rehabilitation of the algo-functional muscular-ligamentar cervical syndromes, as the only efficient therapeutic alternative in the functional deficiencies? compensation and for prevention of complications.

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