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FRI0243 Sapho syndrome in hungary
  1. É Koó,
  2. I Orbán,
  3. ZS Balogh,
  4. I Ujfalussy,
  5. K Imre,
  6. J Kelemen,
  7. ZS Tarján
  1. II. Rheumatology, Polyclinic of the Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God in Budapest, Hungary, Budapest, Hungary


Background SAPHO syndrome is an abbreviation according to the suggestion of Chamot (1990) from the words Synovitis, Acne, Pustulosis, Hyperostosis and Osteitis. There are more than 50 synonyms in the first described SAPHO syndrome by Chamot, too. The usage of SAPHO syndrome diagnosis became widespread only in the latest years.

Objectives Authors studied the Hungarian publications examining the appearance and extending of SAPHO syndrome in 1998. Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO) diagnosis is used also nowadays in the paediatric cases corresponding to SAPHO syndrome. Authors give a review of the SAPHO syndrome cases publicated and/or presented in Hungary.

Methods There were 8 cases as acne arthritis,1 case as SNSA,5 cases as SAPHO syndrome publicated,31 cases as sternoclavicular involvement in psoriatic arthritis,3 CRMO cases,1 SAPHO syndrome presented in Hungarian Congresses, together 49 case reports.

Results The concomitant skin laesions were: acne conglobata, fulminans or psoriasis vulgaris. Mean age:33,3 (12–60). Male: female ratio was: 29/20. Almost all the patients had peripheral arthritis, most of them had sacroiliitis and/or SCC arthritis.

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