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AB0151 Diprospan efficacy in periarticular symptoms of ostearthritis
  1. RA Khabirov,
  2. LG Salikhov,
  3. SA Lapshina,
  4. KN Agisheva,
  5. RG Mukhina,
  6. LI Myasoutova
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russia


Background Complex clinical and instrumental investigations (kinesthesical method, electromyography (EMG), thermovision, ultrasonography) showed significant involvement (up to 80%) of periarticular structures (muscles, tendons) in osteoarthritis (OA) aggravating the clinical picture of the disease and leading to the decrease of life quality of the patients. The substrate of myofascial pain syndrome are local densities in muscular tissue and in the places of detachment of tendons to the bones.

Objectives The goal of investigation was to study the diprospan efficacy in treatment of 30 patients with OA with muscular syndrome. The treatment efficacy was estimated by Lee and Reachy indices of muscular syndrome, the volume of active and passive movements of joints and by EMG.

Methods In case of revealing of painful trigger zones in the muscles surrounding the joints we injected locally 1 ml of diprospan. In order to increase the volume of medication we added 5–10 ml of 0.5% novocaine solution into the syringe.

Results During the first 24–36 h after the periarticular injection of diprospan there was found decrease of myalgias and arthralgias. Further on the volume of movements in joints increased and functional activity of patients improved as well. No local side effects after periarticular diprospan injections were noted in contrast to kenalog injections. The diprospan injections were repeated if necessary depending on clinical picture of OA.

Conclusion Periarcicular diprospan injections are effective and safe in patients with OA with myofascial pain syndrome.

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