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AB0140 The evaluation the factors that effect the clinical status of patients with primary knee osteoarthritis
  1. H Tuna,
  2. A Hakgüder,
  3. G Ekuklu,
  4. S Kokino
  1. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical Faculty of Trakya University, Edirne, Turkey


Background Primary knee osteoarthritis (PKO) leads functional degenaration of knee joints and cause disability in general population. There are a lot of faýctors that effect on the intensity and functional status of PKO in various degrees.

Objectives To investigate the efficacies of age, body mass index (BMI), the Kellgren Lawrence Radiological Osteoarthiritis Index (KLOAI), medial tibiofemoral joint space (MTFJS) on the intensity and functional status of PKO.

Methods Fifty subjects (ages 56 to 69), 40 female (%80) and 10 male (%20), diagnosed as PKO according to American College of Rheumotology were admitted to the study. AP knee radiography of the patients were taken while standing up and MTFJS were measured. Those films were evaluated according to the KLOAI. Lequesne index (LI), Sickness Impact Profile (SIP), painless walking duration (PWD1) and painless walking distance (PWD2) were used with purpose to determine the clinical status and intensity of the PKO.

Results We found these formulas according to Backward Lineer Regression Model.

SIP = 202.2 + (63.9 × KLOAI)

PWD1 (minutes) = 14 + (0.37 × BMI) + (3.1 × Sex) ? (3.1 × KLOAI)

PWD2 (metres) = 1417 + (217.7 × Sex)

Conclusion KLOAI correlated with SIP and PWD1 moderately. However, we think that all of these factors should be evaluated in clinical status of PKO.


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