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FRI0229 Hla antigens’ frequencies in spanish patients with primary sjögren syndrome
  1. C Fernández-Carballido,
  2. JJ Alegre-Sancho,
  3. JA Román-Ivorra,
  4. S Fernández,
  5. L Abad,
  6. N Puig
  1. Sección de Reumatología, Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset, Valencia, Spain


Background There are few data about HLA antigens’ frequencies in Spanish patients with Primary Sjögren Syndrome (PSS).

Objectives To evaluate HLA antigens’ prevalence in patients with PSS and compare these frequencies with a control population.

Methods 113 patients with PSS from a Mediterranean city (Valencia, Spain) were consecutively selected. All patients fulfilled 4 or more EEC criteria; 82 fulfilled modified-EEC criteria. HLA serologic typing was carried out and the frequencies obtained in PSS patients were compared with the control population’s frequencies (236 healthy blood donnors from the same city).

Results The antigens’ prevalences of PSS patients significatively different from the control group were:

Abstract FRI0229 Table 1

Conclusion Some HLA antigens in our PSS patients are different from those described in other Mediterranean areas. In our population HLA DR2, DR3 and DR4 are associated with PSS; without differences in DR5 frequencies (Greek population). Moreover, HLA DR7 acts as a protective factor for this disease.

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