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ABC of rheumatology
  1. Department of Medicine B
  2. Research Unit of Autoimmune Diseases
  3. Chaim Sheba Medical Centre
  4. Tel–Hashomer 52621
  5. Israel

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ABC of rheumatology. Michael L Snaith. (Pp 90; £17.95.) London: BMJ Publishing Group, 1999. ISBN 0-7279-1385-9.

The name of the book represents its content. It is aimed at students, internists, and general practitioners, yet young rheumatologists could also benefit from reading it, especially before examinations. Twenty eight British rheumatologists (headed by Michael Snaith) have collaborated to produce a well illustrated rheumatological book written in a concise way, which means the reader cannot fall asleep and must concentrate.

The book has been updated but is limited to ABC, and the same group is expected to write volume XYZ which will introduce more novel aspects, including some of the new basic research fruits incorporated into clinical rheumatology. The many tables and diagrams are an aid to memory. Many of the illustrations (although relatively small) can be used to prepare slides for teaching purposes. Another advantage is the lack of references (only a few further readings are recommended). This unique, concise, well illustrated book is a good addition to the bookshelves of the professional rheumatologist as well as the non-rheumatologist.