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Maladies et syndromes systémiques.
  1. C GABAY
  1. Division of Rheumatology
  2. University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland

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Maladies et syndromes systémiques. Eds M-F Kahn, A-P Peltier, O Meyer, J-C Piette. (Pp 1500; Ff 1295.) Paris: Médecine-Sciences Flammarion, 2000. ISBN 9-782257-142993.

The first edition of Les Maladies Systémiques was edited by M-F Kahn and A-P Peltier in 1982. The objective of the authors was to publish a textbook in French describing in a comprehensive manner the different aspects of diffuse inflammatory diseases. For this important task, the editors were helped by several experts in rheumatology and immunology. This first edition and the subsequent editions (1985 and 1991) were an important success among physicians having an interest in …

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