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Rheumaderm: current issues in rheumatology and dermatology
  1. Department of Dermatology
  2. University Hospital Nijmegen

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    Rheumaderm: current issues in rheumatology and dermatology. C Mallia, J Uitto. (Pp 582; £107.25.) London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999. ISBN 0-306-46047-5.

    Rheumaderm aims to elucidate the “overlap area” between dermatology and rheumatology. It is a collection of papers presented during the congressRheuma Derm '97 and comprises reports of plenary lectures, free communications, and posters. Some chapters are reviews of specific areas, some are short communications with new data from research projects, and others are case reports.

    The book reflects the enthusiasm of dermatologists and rheumatologists about the overlap area and the title correctly specifies its scope as “current issues”. The reader will find new data on pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders belonging to the spectrum rheumaderm.

    However, it is poorly organised. The table of contents mentions “connective tissue disorders”, miscellaneous, and therapy. There is nothing on the nosology of the spectrum of rheumaderm and the index is only one and a half pages. Therefore the readership will be colleagues with a specific interest in the field, who will be willing to spend time finding where things are.

    Specialists will find numerous new data which makeRheumaderm of great interest. As the book clearly has been addressed to specialists the poor quality of the photographs and the rather variable nature of individual chapters will not be a major problem. The 84 chapters range from opinions to facts, from controlled studies to open studies, from large surveys to case reports, from reviews to original work.

    For those who want an introduction to the field of rheumaderm, the book might have a limited value: for those who are seeking recent information it scans a wide horizon.

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