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Interobserver reliability in measuring flexion, internal rotation, and external rotation of the hip using a plurimeter.
  1. P R Croft,
  2. E S Nahit,
  3. G J Macfarlane,
  4. A J Silman
  1. Industrial and Community Health Research Centre, University of Keele, United Kingdom.


    OBJECTIVE: To determine reliability of the measurement of hip movements (flexion, internal rotation, and external rotation) between medical practitioners. METHODS: Six clinicians carried out measurements of hip movements on each of six patients with osteoarthritis of one hip, using a specifically designed plurimeter. RESULTS: There was no evidence of any systematic difference between medical practitioners in the measurement of hip flexion, internal rotation, or external rotation. The degree of agreement was greatest for hip flexion. CONCLUSIONS: This study has shown that measurement of range of movement at the hip is repeatable between practitioners using a simple plurimeter and may represent an examination that is suitable for monitoring progress and treatment.

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