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Vertebral hyperostosis and diabetes mellitus: a case-control study.
  1. A Daragon,
  2. O Mejjad,
  3. P Czernichow,
  4. J P Louvel,
  5. O Vittecoq,
  6. A Durr,
  7. X Le Loët
  1. Department of Rheumatology, CHU de Rouen, France.


    OBJECTIVE--To compare glucose metabolism in patients with vertebral hyperostosis (VH), with that in control patients. METHODS--We studied 50 patients aged 60 years or more who had VH according to Resnick's criteria, and 50 control patients without VH, matched for sex, age, weight and height. Plasma glucose was evaluated before and 120 minutes after ingestion of 75 g glucose. World Health Organisation criteria for diabetes mellitus (DM) were used. Radiographs of the pelvis and thoracic and lumbar spine were performed and read blind by two physicians. RESULTS--Statistical analysis showed no difference between cases and control patients for prevalence of DM, and plasma glucose at 0 and 120 minutes. CONCLUSION--These data suggest that glucoregulation in patients with VH does not differ from that in matched controls.

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