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Cathepsin B in osteoarthritis: zonal variation of enzyme activity in human femoral head cartilage.
  1. A Baici,
  2. D Hörler,
  3. A Lang,
  4. C Merlin,
  5. R Kissling
  1. Department of Rheumatology, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.


    OBJECTIVES--To determine the quantitative topographical distribution of cathepsin B in human femoral head cartilage by measuring the zonal variation of enzyme activity in specimens taken from various anatomical regions of normal and osteoarthritic (OA) tissues, and to correlate this parameter with the severity of the OA lesions. METHODS--OA articular cartilage was obtained at surgery for total hip replacement and control cartilage obtained at postmortem. Cylinders of full thickness cartilage with underlying bone were retrieved with a biopsy trephine. Sections of cartilage were produced by cryocutting the tissue as slices parallel to the articular surface and assayed for cathepsin B with a specific, highly sensitive fluorogenic substrate. The severity of the OA lesions was graded according to the histopathological-histochemical method of Mankin. RESULTS--Zonal cathepsin B activity of normal cartilage was uniform and low in all regions of the femoral head. In apparently intact OA cartilage and in severely degraded tissue the zonal distribution and the amounts of enzyme were similar to control values. At sites with active disease, cathepsin B activity was much greater than in controls and its irregular zonal distribution correlated with tissue degeneration, hypercellularity, or cloning of chondrocytes as determined histochemically. Particularly high enzyme levels were observed at sites with regenerating cartilage, where some zonal peaks attained 20-fold activity with respect to controls. CONCLUSION--Cathepsin B may play a role in sustaining the chronicity of OA, not as an initiator, but rather as a perpetuator of the disease and as an antagonist of regeneration.

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