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Polymorphisms of the TAP2 transporter gene in systemic lupus erythematosus.
  1. E J Davies,
  2. R P Donn,
  3. M C Hillarby,
  4. D M Grennan,
  5. W E Ollier
  1. University of Manchester, Rheumatic Diseases Centre, Hope Hospital, Salford.


    OBJECTIVES--To determine whether the TAP2 transporter gene, which lies between HLA-DP and HLA-DQ, is involved in determining susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). METHODS--TAP2 types were determined by ARMS-PCR in 89 white patients with SLE and 156 control subjects. RESULTS--No particular TAP2 dimorphism or allele was associated with SLE or with any clinical/immunological subgroup of SLE. Furthermore, there was no evidence for significant linkage disequilibrium between TAP2 and HLA-DQ/DR in SLE. CONCLUSIONS--These data suggest that TAP2 is not a disease susceptibility gene for SLE and that the disease-predisposing haplotypes do not extend as far as TAP2. This indicates that any HLA-DP association with SLE must be independent of other class II (DQ/DR) associations.

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