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Multipoint determination of pressure-volume curves in human intervertebral discs.
  1. H S Ranu
  1. Department of Biomechanics, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Old Westbury 11568.


    To gain further insight into the biomechanics of the human intervertebral disc and to determine a potential mechanism for causation and relief of symptoms related to a herniated disc, the pressure-volume relation was determined within the nucleus pulposus. Pressure was measured continuously within the nucleus pulposus in 17 intact lumbar discs from human cadavers by means of a miniature strain gauge at the tip of a size 4 French (1.3 mm) catheter inserted into the nucleus pulposus. The volume of the nucleus pulposus was increased at the slow, continuous rate of 0.034 ml/min by the pump regulated infusion of saline coloured with methylene blue. In 12 unloaded discs, nucleus pulposus pressure rose in a linear fashion (linear r = 0.96) from an initial mean pressure of 174 (SD 81) kPa. The mean rate of pressure rise was 327 (SD 109) kPa/ml volume increase. The peak pressure measured was 550 kPa; this was slightly higher than the capability of the transducer. Similar linear relations were obtained during infusion of saline into five vertically loaded discs fixed at the deformation produced by a 9.1 kg weight. The data define the pressure-volume relation within the disc and show that the nucleus pulposus, surrounded by the relatively inelastic annulus and the solid vertebral end plates, has the properties of a tight hydraulic space in which a large pressure rise will regularly result from a small increase in volume. Presumably the opposite is also true. The data may provide a biomechanical basis for the physiological variation in symptoms related to the disc, and for any benefits obtained from interventions designed to remove disc tissue.

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