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Constitutive production of angiotensin converting enzyme from rheumatoid nodule cells under serum free conditions.
  1. M Goto,
  2. M Sasano,
  3. M Fuzisawa,
  4. T Okabe,
  5. K Nishizawa
  1. Division of Rheumatic Diseases, Tokyo Metropolitan Otsuka Hospital, Japan.


    Angiotensin converting enzyme was assayed in serum free culture supernatants from unstimulated rheumatoid nodule cells. Angiotensin converting enzyme was released spontaneously and the angiotensin converting enzyme derived from rheumatoid nodule cells was suppressed in a dose and time dependent manner by the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide. These data suggest the constitutive de novo synthesis of angiotensin converting enzyme by rheumatoid nodule cells.

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