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Early aortic valve cusp rupture in relapsing polychondritis.
  1. D A Marshall,
  2. R Jackson,
  3. A P Rae,
  4. H A Capell
  1. Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, United Kingdom.


    Aortic regurgitation associated with relapsing polychondritis usually occurs late in the disease as a result of aortic root dilatation. A case where aortic regurgitation occurred early and was due to cusp rupture with a normal aortic root is reported. The patient required urgent aortic valve replacement within six weeks of developing a murmur despite apparent control of inflammation with immunosuppressive treatment. The possibility of cusp rupture with sudden haemodynamic deterioration should be considered in patients with relapsing polychondritis who develop aortic regurgitation.

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