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Sequence similarity between HLA-DR1 and DR4 subtypes associated with rheumatoid arthritis and proteus/serratia membrane haemolysins.
  1. A Ebringer,
  2. P Cunningham,
  3. K Ahmadi,
  4. J Wrigglesworth,
  5. R Hosseini,
  6. C Wilson
  1. Division of Biomolecular Sciences, King's College, London, United Kingdom.


    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is found more often in subjects carrying the HLA-DR1 antigen and some subtypes of the HLA-DR4 antigen than in those without these antigens. Analysis of probes specific for HLA-DR4 has shown that amino acids encoding positions 69-74 (EQRRAA) of the beta chain indicates susceptibility to RA. A hexamer sequence of proteus haemolysin spanning residues 32-37 (ESRRAL) has been identified which resembles biochemically, and discriminates by charge, between HLA types associated with RA (DR1, Dw4, Dw14, Dw15), and those not linked with the disease (Dw10, Dw13).

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