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Retrospective comparison of iloprost with other treatments for secondary Raynaud's phenomenon.
  1. H R Watson,
  2. G Belcher
  1. Cardiovascular Clinical Research Unit, Schering Health Care Limited, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.


    One hundred and twenty seven patients who had Raynaud's attacks secondary to connective tissue disease received intravenous infusions of iloprost in controlled clinical trials. Results of previous treatments for Raynaud's attacks had been recorded by clinicians in 84 of these cases, allowing a comparison to be made with the response to iloprost treatment. Iloprost was reported by the patients as beneficial in 49 (58%) of 84 cases, whereas only 36 (43%) of the 84 patients had previously found any other treatment to be useful. Twenty four of 48 (50%) patients who had not responded to any previous treatment found iloprost to be of benefit. Success or failure of treatment with iloprost was not accurately predicted by the result of treatment with any other drug, except prostacyclin. This survey suggests that iloprost is a useful treatment for patients with severe secondary Raynaud's phenomenon and can be effective in patients unresponsive to other treatments.

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