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Adult onset Still's disease and related renal amyloidosis.
  1. D Wendling,
  2. P G Humbert,
  3. C Billerey,
  4. T Fest,
  5. J L Dupond
  1. Service de Rhumatologie, Hôpital Jean Minjoz, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Besancon, France.


    A 57 year old woman presented with clinical and biological features of adult onset Still's disease. A kidney biopsy was performed at the onset of the condition and was found to be normal. Four years later, in view of a nephrotic syndrome, histopathological examination of a new kidney biopsy specimen was made and showed typical amyloid deposition. Renal amyloidosis was suspected in five previously reported cases but demonstrated by kidney biopsy in only two of them. In the present case renal amyloidosis was recorded after disease of four years' duration. The normality of the first renal biopsy specimen suggests the possibility of a direct relation between amyloidosis and adult onset Still's disease.

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