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Synovial fluid pyrophosphate and nucleoside triphosphate pyrophosphatase: comparison between normal and diseased and between inflamed and non-inflamed joints.
  1. M Pattrick,
  2. E Hamilton,
  3. J Hornby,
  4. M Doherty
  1. Rheumatology Unit, City Hospital, Nottingham, UK.


    Deposition of intra-articular calcium pyrophosphate is associated with both aging and arthropathy; increased concentrations of free pyrophosphate (PPi) may contribute to such deposition. Free pyrophosphate and nucleoside triphosphate pyrophosphatase (NTPase) were estimated in synovial fluids from 50 subjects with normal knees and from 44 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, 61 with pyrophosphate arthropathy, and 59 with osteoarthritis. For arthropathic knees clinically assessed inflammation was classified as active or inactive using a summated score of six clinical features. The order of PPi (mumol/l) and NTPase (mumol PPi/30 min/mg protein) was pyrophosphate arthropathy greater than osteoarthritis greater than rheumatoid arthritis (median PPi, NTPase respectively: for pyrophosphate arthropathy 15.9, 0.45; for osteoarthritis 9.3, 0.25; for rheumatoid arthritis 4.4, 0.18), with significant differences between all groups. In pyrophosphate arthropathy both PPi (mumol/l) and NTPase (mumol PPi/30 min/mg protein) were higher than normal (15.9, 0.45 v 8.6, 0.2 respectively), but findings in osteoarthritis did not differ from normal. The inflammatory state of the knee had a distinct but variable effect on synovial fluid findings in rheumatoid arthritis and pyrophosphate arthropathy, but not in osteoarthritis. There was no correlation of either PPi or NTPase with age, or between PPi and NTPase in any group. This study provides in vivo data for synovial fluid PPi and NTPase. It suggests that factors other than PPi need to be considered in a study of crystal associated arthropathy. Clinical inflammation, as well as diagnosis, is important in synovial fluid studies.

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