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Inactivation of the elastase inhibitory activity of alpha 1 antitrypsin in fresh samples of synovial fluid from patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
  1. K Chidwick,
  2. P G Winyard,
  3. Z Zhang,
  4. A J Farrell,
  5. D R Blake
  1. Inflammation Group, London Hospital Medical College, UK.


    The proteinase inhibitory ability of alpha 1 antitrypsin was measured in 23 samples of rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluid, eight osteoarthritic synovial fluids and nine normal control serum samples. For each sample a detailed kinetic analysis was performed with porcine pancreatic elastase as the target proteinase. Samples were stored for less than 24 hours at 4 degrees C before analysis, which does not significantly alter the proportion of inactive alpha 1 antitrypsin. In rheumatoid synovial fluid the elastase inhibitory ability was disproportionately depressed relative to the immunochemically determined concentrations of alpha 1 antitrypsin.

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