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Candida arthritis: cellular immune responses of synovial fluid and peripheral blood lymphocytes to Candida albicans.
  1. E Hermann,
  2. W J Mayet,
  3. O Klein,
  4. A W Lohse,
  5. C Trautwein,
  6. I Michiels,
  7. T Poralla,
  8. K H Meyer zum Büschenfelde
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany.


    A case of septic Candida albicans arthritis of the knee in a patient with systemic candidiasis is presented. Systemic and intra-articular cellular immune responses to C albicans and various bacterial antigens were monitored for 15 weeks. It is shown that the candida induced blastogenesis of synovial fluid lymphocytes was much more stimulated than that of peripheral blood lymphocytes, and that the proportion of activated cells expressing HLA class II antigens was markedly increased in the synovial fluid. Strong cellular immune responses to Candida albicans could still be shown many weeks after the synovial fluid aspirates had become sterile. For the first time synovial fluid derived, CD4 positive T lymphocyte clones with specificity for candida antigens were characterised and further propagated in vitro.

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