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Antiproteinuric effect of captopril in a patient with lupus nephritis and intractable nephrotic syndrome.
  1. Y Shapira,
  2. F Mor,
  3. A Friedler,
  4. A J Wysenbeek,
  5. A Weinberger
  1. Department of Internal Medicine B, Beilinson Medical Center, Petah Tiqva, Israel.


    A 22 year old woman presented with lupus nephritis, hypertension, and intractable nephrotic syndrome. Albumin and furosemide given intravenously was ineffective. Captopril administered in a daily dose of 62.5 mg was associated with a reduction in proteinuria from 28 g/24 hours to 11.5 g/24 hours over 10 weeks, resulting in a weight reduction of 16 kg. This was achieved with relative preservation of renal function. Captopril should be considered in the treatment of intractable proteinuria in patients with lupus nephritis, or when cytotoxic drugs are refused, because of its efficacy and relative safety. Captopril should, however, be used as an adjunct and not as a substitute for standard treatment.

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