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Production of prostaglandin E2 induced by histamine by cloned rheumatoid synovial cells.
  1. M Sasano,
  2. M Goto,
  3. K Nishioka
  1. Institute of Rheumatology, Tokyo Women's Medical College, Japan.


    Production of prostaglandin E2, with or without histamine stimulation, by three different types of cloned rheumatoid synovial cells (macrophage like, dendritic, and fibroblast like) was evaluated. The ability of these cloned cells to respond to histamine on a cell to cell basis was as follows: macrophage like cells responded most strongly, followed by dendritic cells, followed by fibroblast like cells. Production of prostaglandin E2, stimulated by histamine, may have a role in bony destruction in rheumatoid joints.

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