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Limited joint mobility in children and adolescents with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
  1. C F Clarke,
  2. A T Piesowicz,
  3. G S Spathis
  1. Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, Carshalton, Surrey.


    Joint mobility was studied in 70 children with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus aged 8-17 years, and the prevalence of limited joint mobility (LJM) was found to be 31% (22/70). This figure fell to only 7% (5/70) when an alternative method of assessment was used. A high number of non-diabetic, non-sibling controls (6/51 (12%] were found to have LJM. There was a trend towards an increasing prevalence of LJM with increasing age and duration of diabetes, but it was also found in patients with recent onset diabetes. A large proportion of prepubertal patients were noted to have LJM. No correlation was found between LJM and either short stature or diabetic control. There is a need for standardisation of the methods used to define and stage LJM in diabetic patients, and the significance of this clinical finding remains unclear.

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