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Human adjuvant disease: remission of silicone induced autoimmune disease after explanation of breast augmentation.
  1. W kaiser,
  2. G Biesenbach,
  3. U Stuby,
  4. P Grafinger,
  5. J Zazgornik
  1. IInd Medical Department, General Hospital Linz, Austria.


    Autoimmune diseases following silicone or paraffin implantation are rarely encountered complications of plastic surgery. A 42 year old woman is presented who developed clinical and immunological features of systemic lupus erythematosus 11 years after silicone augmentation. After explanation antinuclear antibody titres decreased from 1/1280 to 1/160, C4 complement fraction and the previously raised angiotensin converting enzyme normalised in step with clinical improvement. It is important that plastic surgeons and rheumatologists should be aware of this possible association.

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