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Immunohistological identification of interleukin-1 activated chondrocytes.
  1. J T Dingle,
  2. M E Davies,
  3. B Y Mativi,
  4. H F Middleton
  1. Tissue Physiology Department, Strangeways Research Laboratory, Cambridge.


    Interleukin-1 activated chondrocytes have been identified in pig articular cartilage by immunolocalisation using a polyclonal antiserum recognising cytokine induced surface epitopes. Although chondrocytes with membrane staining were noted in all zones of the cartilage, only a proportion of the cells were positive within the range of antiserum dilution used (1:100-1:2000). Maximum staining was found after four days' treatment of cultured cartilage with pig IL-1 alpha, though weak staining was just detectable after treatment for one day at high antiserum concentration. Immunoreactivity was also shown in cartilage which had been cultured with human recombinant IL-1 alpha.

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