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Pulmonary thromboembolism associated with procainamide induced lupus syndrome and anticardiolipin antibodies.
  1. R A Asherson,
  2. J Zulman,
  3. G R Hughes
  1. Lupus Arthritis Research Unit, Rayne Institute, St Thomás Hospital, London.


    Procainamide is the commonest cause of a drug induced lupus syndrome. Long term administration of this compound may induce a variety of immunological abnormalities, including antinuclear antibodies. Uncommonly, 'lupus anticoagulants' have been demonstrated in the absence of other evidence of drug induced lupus. Details of a 67 year old man who developed not only drug induced lupus but also antiphospholipid antibodies which were associated with multiple pulmonary thromboemboli after the administration of procainamide are recorded.

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