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Calcific shoulder periarthritis (tendinitis) in adult onset diabetes mellitus: a controlled study.
  1. M E Mavrikakis,
  2. S Drimis,
  3. D A Kontoyannis,
  4. A Rasidakis,
  5. E S Moulopoulou,
  6. S Kontoyannis
  1. Department of Clinical Therapeutics, University of Athens, Alexandra General Hospital, GR-115 28 Greece.


    Two groups, one of 824 adult diabetics and one of 320 age and sex matched non-diabetics, were examined for abnormal glucose metabolism and calcifications on anteroposterior shoulder x rays. Two hundred and sixty two (31.8%) of the diabetics had shoulder calcification compared with 33 (10.3%) of the control group, with a preponderant localisation in the right shoulder. Diabetes of long duration treated with insulin for a long time was associated with a larger percentage of shoulder calcifications. These data and previous laboratory findings suggest a possible pathogenetic correlation between the prevalence of calcific shoulder tendinitis and diabetes.

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