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Occurrence of symptomatic knee osteoarthrosis in rural Finland: a prospective follow up study.
  1. P Kannus,
  2. M Järvinen,
  3. H Kontiala,
  4. L Bergius,
  5. E Hyssy,
  6. E Salminen,
  7. A Tuomi,
  8. T Unkila,
  9. I Valtanen
  1. Department of Clinical Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland.


    All visits to physicians in the Orivesi Region Federation of Municipalities for Public Health Work in Finland paid due to symptomatic osteoarthrosis of the knee joint were prospectively recorded over a period of one year. Two hundred and thirty four visits were made, accounting for 0.63% of all visits. The prevalence of knee osteoarthrosis was 1.11% (men 0.45%, women 1.72%), and the incidence was 0.60%. The disease occurred almost twice as often in the right knee than in the left. The study provides basic information about patients needing medical help because of symptomatic knee osteoarthrosis. The results can be used as an aid to the planning of examination and treatment resources and in assessment of the need for such services.

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