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Oesophageal dysfunction in patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome.
  1. E B Tsianos,
  2. C D Chiras,
  3. A A Drosos,
  4. H M Moutsopoulos


    Oesophageal motility was studied in 22 patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome and 20 normal volunteers. Oesophageal dysfunction was detected in eight of the 22 patients (36.4%) with primary Sjögren's syndrome. No abnormalities were detected in the normal subjects. Individual analysis of the oesophageal motility studies showed different patterns of oesophageal dysfunction; aperistalsis (three patients), triphasic tertiary contractions (two patients), frequent non-peristaltic contractions (two patients), and low contractions (one patient). These oesophageal abnormalities did not correlate with the parotid flow rate, the degree of inflammatory infiltrate of the minor salivary glands, the extraglandular manifestations, or the presence of autoantibodies.

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