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Systemic response to local urate crystal induced inflammation in man: a possible model to study the acute phase response.
  1. C W Hutton,
  2. A J Collins,
  3. R E Chambers,
  4. J Whicher,
  5. P A Dieppe


    The production of a systemic inflammatory response to intradermal monosodium urate crystal injection is described. A transient, self-limiting local response is associated with a systemic response detectable by a rise in the white cell count and serum amyloid A protein. The white cell change parallels the evolution of the local response, whereas the serum amyloid A response lags behind the local lesion, peaking after the local lesion is resolving. Intradermal monosodium urate injection is proposed as a possible inflammatory stimulus to explore the acute phase protein response in different disease states.

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