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Congenital contractural deformities of the fingers and arthropathy.
  1. J R Martin,
  2. S N Huang,
  3. A Lacson,
  4. R H Payne,
  5. S Bridger,
  6. F C Fraser,
  7. A J Neary,
  8. E A MacLaughlin,
  9. C Hobeika,
  10. L J Lawton


    Four patients are described who presented with congenital finger contractures and arthropathy. There was synovial cell hyperplasia and giant cells but no inflammatory process. Radiographs showed flattening of the metacarpal and metatarsal heads and the proximal femoral ossification centres. In the oldest patient the process had subsided leaving slight contractures but severe impairment of hip mobility. In another the arthropathy was still prominent in the early teens. In a third, finger contractures had failed to respond to conservative or surgical measures.

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