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Anticardiolipin antibodies: occurrence in Behçet's syndrome.
  1. R G Hull,
  2. E N Harris,
  3. A E Gharavi,
  4. A Tincani,
  5. R A Asherson,
  6. G Valesini,
  7. A M Denman,
  8. G Froude,
  9. G R Hughes


    Anticardiolipin antibodies have recently been described in association with arterial and venous thrombosis, and with neurological symptoms, in connective tissue diseases. In a study of 70 patients with Behçet's syndrome 13 patients had these antibodies. Of these 13 patients eight had a history of either retinal vascular pathology, cerebral infarction, or thrombophlebitis. The association of retinal vascular disease and the presence of anticardiolipin antibodies was statistically significant.

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