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Histopathological and ultrastructural studies of synovium in Milwaukee shoulder syndrome--a basic calcium phosphate crystal arthropathy.
  1. P B Halverson,
  2. J C Garancis,
  3. D J McCarty


    Light and electron microscopic study of synovial specimens from four patients with the Milwaukee shoulder syndrome disclosed vascular congestion, villous and focal synovial lining cell hyperplasia, occasional giant cells, and fibrin deposition both within and on the surface of the synovium. Although these changes are non-specific, the finding of basic calcium phosphate crystal aggregates in all four cases and the near total absence of an inflammatory reaction are helpful in distinguishing this condition from other types of arthritis. The focal areas of synovial cell hyperplasia may relate to the powerful mitogenic effect of both synthetic and naturally occurring calcium-containing crystals in concentrations found in the synovial fluid of these patients.

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