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Enhanced neutrophil migration in vivo HLA B27 positive subjects.
  1. P Koivuranta-Vaara,
  2. H Repo,
  3. M Leirisalo,
  4. U Kiistala,
  5. T Osterman,
  6. H Vapaatalo


    Chemotaxis of polymorphonuclear leucocytes in vivo was studied in patients with previous yersinia arthritis and in healthy subjects with or without HLA B27 by means of a skin chamber technique. Irrespective of previous arthritis the number of neutrophils in the chamber media was significantly higher in HLA B27 positive subjects than in those without HLA B27. The amounts of prostaglandins E2, F2 alpha, and 6-keto-F1 alpha in the chamber media correlated positively with the corresponding cell counts. The present results give credence to the view that the hyperreactive neutrophils and the vasodilatory prostaglandins produced by them can together trigger a vicious circle which results in increased inflammatory symptoms in patients with yersinia arthritis who have HLA B27 as compared with those who lack this antigen.

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