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Cell mediated autoimmune granulocytopenia in a case of Felty's syndrome.
  1. S Slavin,
  2. M H Liang


    A variety of mechanisms have been demonstrated or suggested to explain the neutropenia that accompanies Felty's syndrome. This case report presents with Felty's syndrome with recurrent infections with initially had a clinical response to splenectomy. Eleven years later profound neutropenia recurred. In-vitro evidence for cell mediated autosensitisation of peripheral blood lymphocytes to autologous bone marrow cells was found. The cellular abnormalities improved after high-dose corticosteroids but not lithium. However, there did not appear to be a reduction in the incidence of clinical infections. The finding suggests that granulocytopenia in some patients with Felty's syndrome may be an autoimmune phenomenon.

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