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Tienilic acid: a single treatment for hyperuricaemia and hypertension?
  1. T Gibson,
  2. V A Rodgers,
  3. C F Potter,
  4. H A Simmonds


    Tienilic acid is a drug with established uricosuric and hypotensive properties. We have examined its potential role as a single treatment for hyperuricaemia and hypertension, 2 disorders which are commonly associated. In 17 subjects with gout, blood uric acid levels were reduced by approximately 50%. Eleven of these patients also had hypertension which was improved by tienilic acid. However, a statistically significant effect was observed only with standing diastolic blood pressure. Side effects included acute episodes of gout in 4 patients and transient loin pain and dysuria in 1 patient. The precipitation of gouty arthritis is an acknowledged risk of all potent hypouricaemic drugs. The hazard of urate deposition in the renal tract implicit in the history of loin pain is a more serious complication. Thus, it would appear that tienilic acid is a potentially valuable drug which may have a special role in patients with hyperuricaemia and hypertension. Further study is necessary to determine how it may be best administered without the risk of renal damage.

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