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Primary osteoathrosis of the hip and Heberden's nodes.
  1. J S Marks,
  2. I M Stewart,
  3. K Hardinge


    One hundred patients with primary osteoarthrosis of the hip were examined for evidence of generalised arthrosis associated with Heberden's nodes, and in addition their hips were graded by the radiographic pattern of loss of joint space. Twenty-nine patients had bilateral concentric loss of joint space, and 18 in this group had Heberden's nodes. None of the 17 patients with bilateral upper pole changes had Heberden's nodes, and only 7 of the 31 patients with unilateral upper pole changes had Heberden's nodes. None of the 6 patients with medial loss of joint space had Heberden's nodes. This study has shown an association between Heberden's nodes had primary osteoarthrosis of the hip where this is characterised by concentric loss of joint space. The association is most marked where hip changes are bilateral, suggesting that hip involvement in generalised osteoarthrosis is part of a generalised disorder with possible genetic or biochemical abnormalities.

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