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Circulating immune complexes and monocyte Fc function in autoimmune diseases.
  1. M Kávai,
  2. K Lukács,
  3. I Sonkoly,
  4. K Páloczi,
  5. G Szegedi


    The phagocytosis of separated and adherent monocytes of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus is subnormal as compared to controls on the basis of latex and yeast uptake. The monocytes from the same patients react with antibody-coated sheep red blood cells in a significantly higher degree than normal monocytes. There is a correlation between the percentage of reactive monocytes and the serum immune complex content. After brief treatment of patients with levamisole the phagocytic function of monocytes is restored and at the same time the circulating immune complex content is decreased.

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