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Auranofin. New oral gold compound for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
  1. A E Finkelstein,
  2. D T Walz,
  3. V Batista,
  4. M Mizraji,
  5. F Roisman,
  6. A Misher


    Eight patients with rheumatoid arthritis were treated with SK & F D-39162 (auranofin), a new oral gold compound which was effective in suppressing adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats. Clinical and humoral parameters were studied during a 3-month period of drug administration followed by a 3-month period under placebo. The drug was absorbed, well tolerated, and its action was manifested by a drop in the mean IgG blood levels in the third week of treatment accompanied by clinical improvement after 5 weeks of oral gold intake. Together with IgG changes, an increase of the albumin ratio was observed, as well as a decrease of alpha2-globulin and rheumatoid factor titres. From a total number of 60 swollen joints found initially in the 8 patients only 17 were swollen at week 12 and 9 at week 15. Although the number of patients treated was too small to allow definite conclusions, a follow-up study under placebo of clinical and laboratory changes in the same patients during another 3-month period showed that IgG serum levels rapidly reverted preceding a flare up of disease activity after withdrawal of the drug. This confirmed a direct role in cause-effect relation played by the new oral gold compound.

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